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New products: Cereal cakes and Nuvole

by Bettina Legler
11 February 2018

We're glad to announce the expansion of the range of products made with the ancient grains grown in Monna Giovannella.

We've recently started producing farro and wheat cakes using Monococco Farro, Dicocco Farro, Verna Wheat and Senatore Cappelli Durum Wheat.

We make these cereal cakes simply by applying heat, without the addition of any fat. This allows us to produce a crisper products which also maintains the smell and taste of these amazing traditional grains.

In order to cater for the needs of those who can't eat gluten, but not only for them, we completed our range of cereal cakes with rice and corn cakes made with grains from carefully selected organic farms who share our farming values.

We make cakes both using only one kind of grain or mixing a few together so to create a wide range which can be eaten for breakfast, as a snack or used creatively in the preparation of desserts.

Given the great success of our cereal cakes and how many of our customers love them as a snack, we've decided to explore further  the idea and make a snack-sized version. Nuvole are our small triangular cereal cakes perfect for a snack or as an aperitivo with a glass of white wine or a beer. Again, we use no fat to produce Nuvole, they are in fact the perfect tasty, light, and guilt-free snack.

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