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Our Mission

We believe that the land we live off deserves our care and respect, that's why at Monna Giovannella we are passionately committed to using only organic processes and techniques. We know that the healthier and happier our land is, the better our products are. So we make it our mission as farmers and producers to give back more than we take.

We believe that rural life and sustainability are great ways to understand how precious our land is and how to better live respecting it. All of our farming choices are driven by sustainability and the certainty that we are doing what's best for our land and our products. We aim to be a place where anyone can come and learn more about sustainable living, healthy eating and farming in sync with nature.

Our Territory

Bagno a Ripoli's area is the group of hills that lie between the South borders of Florence and the North of the Chianti area. It's a beautiful unique location that has always taken advantage of its proximity to the city while maintaining its rural identity and focus on the farming activity.

Great products made by great people come from this area where the community is just as important as the daily farm life. We can’t deny the importance of the help of some experts in the field which allowed us to make the big step from amateur to professional olive oil producers. These experts then became friends, making us touch first hand how beautiful it is when farmers get together. When it was time to start the new adventure of cultivating ancient varieties of wheat, new for us and new for agriculture in general, we decided to get together with some fellow adventure companions and formed the Associazione dei Grani Antichi di Bagno a Ripoli in order to group everyone who believes in the importance of reintroducing the lost wheats. The association gathers today various farmers and a baker and it aims to get to cover the whole production chain for wheat products. The association is excited to welcome whoever wants to get involved and share knowledge and passion.

At Monna Giovannella we believe that farming is the most beautiful job in the world, and when you get to share the experience, it gets even better.

Our Story

Monna Giovannella is a small team of four people running the daily farm activity, both the work in the field and the administrative side. All started in 2007 when a group of friends decided to invest in order to restore the abandoned estate and get it back to its natural buzzing activity.Off this group of friends Bettina and Andrea stepped forward and took over managing the farm. Since then they have always worked with passion and determination in order to allow Monna Giovannella to reach its true potential. Thanks to their enthusiasm and commitment Monna Giovannella was able in the space of a few years to produce exceptional quality extra virgin olive oil.We have also decided to diversify our production and started growing some ancient varieties of both durum and regular wheat. As part of our wheat growing process we’ve adopted the crop rotation technique which allows our soil to always be rich and balanced without the need for any chemical fertilizer. Thanks to the crop rotation, we also grow some delicious legumes of different kind as well as other types of cereals such as spelt. In order for our land to be healthy and productive we felt was necessary to introduce some beehives which ensure the ecological balance of the area while at the same time producing some delicious honey. At Monna Giovannella we are proud of the progress we made and all that we achieved, but we feel like the best is yet to come and we work very hard every day to make of Monna Giovannella a great example of good, healthy farming.

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